Vivace Line

Cantine BirgiVivace

Vivace wine is monovarietal and they express all the characteristics of the territory. Vivace wine is elegant, harmonious and well-structured.

cantine-birgi-vivace-bianco-1 Vivace Line


Good aromatic bouquet with fruity and floral scents

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cantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-unico Vivace Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-spumanti Vivace Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-passole Vivace Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-kinisia Vivace Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-trisole Vivace Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-tre-venti Vivace Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-vivace Vivace Line

Great is the luck of one who has a good bottle,
a good book, a good friend Moliere