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Cantine BirgiDiscover all our wines and enjoy our history

Cantine Birgi was born in 1960 in the east side of Sicily, close to the city of Marsala (Trapani), by the will of a group of winemakers deeply linked to the traditions of their territory.

Cooperation, associative knowledge, respect for nature and passion for Sicily and its products are the strengths of this important territory.

Our wines

Discover our products, taste our history.
From the classics of our tradition to the new design bottles.

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  • LineIts comes from the production of unique wines such as white wine refined in oak barrels for 10 years and the late harvest Nero d'Avola.
  • FeaturesThe care of the different phenological phases of the vines, the over-ripening of the vine grapes together with accurate vinification techniques lead to production of unique wines.
  • DistributionHORECA
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  • LineThe Spumante of the Birgi Winery will return you to the idyllic Nature Reserve of the neighbouring "Stagnone Isles of Marsala", where the colours of the sky and the stunning varied gradations of the fantastic sunsets will surprise you as much as our wines will.
  • FeaturesMetodo Classico, Rosé Cuvée Brut and Pinot Chardonnay Brut: delicate emotions from meals, desserts and moments of meditation.
  • DistributionHORECA
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  • LineThe result of the careful selection of the best grapes, enhancing the peculiarities of the territory.
  • FeaturesThe particular method of vinification gives a remarkable and persistent character, suitable for important courses with strong tastes.
  • DistributionHORECA
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  • LineIn 1930 there was a small airport named Kinisia in the contryside, not far from the city of Trapani. Grand old times full of history and heroes.
  • FeaturesKinisia wines are particularly suitable for henonistic consumption. Wines are elegant, full-bodied and well-structured.
  • DistributionHORECA
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  • LineThree seas for one land. Sicily is a sun-kissed island, cradle of culture and civilization.
  • FeaturesThis line aims to enhance different Sicilian vine varieties on the western side of the Island. Trisole wines are elegant, harmonious and well-structured.
  • DistributionHORECA
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Tre Venti

  • LineThree winds blow mainly on our shores. The wines of the Tre Venti line express the typicality of our territory.
  • FeaturesThey are elegant, harmonious and with a good structure.
  • DistributionHORECA
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  • LineVivace wine is monovarietal and they express all the characteristics of the territory.
  • FeaturesVivace wine is elegant, harmonious and well-structured.
  • DistributionHORECA
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  • LineThe Aítho line was born on the slopes of the Etna volcano which dominates from above among its lava flows with a superb view of the Mediterranean Sea and its Sicily.
  • FeaturesIn the wines of this line it is possible to find mineral and harmonic tastes.
  • DistributionGDO
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  • LineThis line aims to enhance different Sicilian vine varieties on the western side of the Island.
  • FeaturesKalura wines are elegant, harmonious and well-structured.
  • DistributionGDO
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  • LineAn ancient vessel from the Roman Empire unfolds the sails and ploughs the South seas.
  • FeaturesThese wines are perfect to accompany every meal- Liburna wines are monovarietal, they are produced with indigenous grape varietes in order to express all the characteristics of territory.
  • DistributionGDO
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  • LineTria wines are monovarietal and they express all the characteristics of the territory.
  • FeaturesFresh and ready to be consumed early after bottling, these wines guarantee an excellent price/quality ratio.
  • DistributionGDO
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  • LineTria wines are monovarietal and they express all the characteristics of the territory.
  • FeaturesTrinacria wines are elegant, harmonious and well-structured.
  • DistributionGDO

The culture

The company aims to promote the “culture” of quality wine, assisting local viticulturists in every step of production process.
All the vineyards are located in outstanging areas with particular weather conditions and different exposure in order to produce unique wines with organoleptic properties typical of the territory

Our vines

White grape vines

Grillo, Zibibbo, Insolia, Catarratto, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Damaschino, Grecanico, Trebbiano.

Red grape vines

Nero d’Avola, Syrah, Frappato, Nerello Mascalese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sangiovese, Perricone, Petit Verdot.

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Our store

Our Wine Store in Marsala (Trapani) is the reference point for tasting, knowing and discovering all the news of our wines. In this space beyond the sale we organize tastings, visits to the cellar, meetings and events related to the wine world.

Love and respect for nature.
We rely heavily on quality products. Cantine Birgi

Tours & Tastings

Hospitality has always been our priority. We love what we do every day so much that being able to share it is an immense joy for us. Upon reservation, we offer guided tours in language with tasting, to make you passionate about the history of our land and our products.

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