Tre Venti Line

Cantine BirgiTre Venti

Three winds blow mainly on our shores. The wines of the Tre Venti line express the typicality of our territory. They are elegant, harmonious and with a good structure.

cantine-birgi-tre-venti-bianco-frizzante Tre Venti Line

Bianco Frizzante

Fresh, harmonious and persistent

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cantine-birgi-tre-venti-grillo Tre Venti Line


Refined and with a wide bouquet with a distinct nose of white peach. Elegant and long lasting.

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cantine-birgi-tre-venti-chardonnay Tre Venti Line


Fresh with the typical notes of the territory. Pairs with seafood, pasta and white meat.

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cantine-birgi-tre-venti-frappato Tre Venti Line


Fresh and well balanced with hints of red fruits. Vibrant and persistent on the palate.

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cantine-birgi-tre-venti-syrah Tre Venti Line


Rich and full-bodied. Excellent with red meat dishes and mature cheeses.

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Cantine BirgiOur wine lines

cantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-unico Tre Venti Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-spumanti Tre Venti Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-passole Tre Venti Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-kinisia Tre Venti Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-trisole Tre Venti Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-tre-venti Tre Venti Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-vivace Tre Venti Line

Great is the luck of one who has a good bottle,
a good book, a good friend Moliere