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Cantine BirgiPassole

The particular method of vinification gives a remarkable and persistent character, suitable for important courses with strong tastes.

cantine-birgi-passole-bianco-sicilia Passole Line

Bianco Sicilia

Straw yellow color white wine with am intese Mediterranean fruity aromas thet make it pleasant and elegant on the palate.

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cantine-birgi-passole-rosso-sicilia Passole Line

Rosso Sicilia

Sweet, elegant, with an intense bouquet of red fruit. Soft on the palate with a great structure.

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cantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-unico Passole Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-spumanti Passole Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-passole Passole Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-kinisia Passole Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-trisole Passole Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-tre-venti Passole Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-vivace Passole Line

Great is the luck of one who has a good bottle,
a good book, a good friend Moliere