Vineyards and Vituculture

Cantine BirgiPassion for winemaking and respect for our land

We have been extremely fortunate to inherit a land that has always given great wines, our only task is to continue being winemakers and pass on our craft to future generations.

Cantine BirgiLove for ancient art

A combination that starts from the teachings received and from the love for the ancient art of viticulture. A passion that has become a source of inspiration and a guide for those who will have to continue to give meaning to our land and its fruits tomorrow. A choice of life for the land that is expressed and made concrete also by cultivating with biological techniques.

CuriosityThe harvest

The harvest secrets

The vineyards are filled with men and women who after a year of waiting share the unique moment of the harvest. The bunches are cut by hand, as in the past, and carefully placed in small boxes to preserve the integrity of the berries and skins. Between the rows, you struggle and smile because the job of the winemaker is demanding but rewarding. The crates full of grapes are awaited in the cellar to begin the selection of the best grapes for winemaking.

The right degree

The selection of noble grapes, the search for the right degree of freshness and humidity combined with the passage of time, old secrets handed down by local winemakers and cutting-edge processing techniques give life to our highest quality wines. Bunch after bunch, all our grapes are followed by our expert winemakers who scrupulously follow the vinification and aging, before giving them a long, exciting life in the bottle.

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18 gradi
Temperature (average)
450 mm
Rainfall (average)
Grape variety
Love and respect for nature.
We rely heavily on quality products. Cantine Birgi