Liburna Line

Cantine BirgiLiburna

An ancient vessel from the Roman Empire unfolds the sails and ploughs the South seas. These wines are perfect to accompany every meal- Liburna wines are monovarietal, they are produced with indigenous grape varietes in order to express all the characteristics of territory.

cantine-birgi-liburna-nero-d-avola-1 Liburna Line

Nero d’Avola

Elegant, with hints of red berry fruit, ripe fruit and spicy notes

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cantine-birgi-liburna-merlot-1 Liburna Line


Hints of spices and red fruit jam including blueberries and blackberries

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cantine-birgi-liburna-frappato Liburna Line


Vibrant, elegant and balanced by an excellent structure

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cantine-birgi-liburna-syrah Liburna Line


Hints of spices and red fruit jam including blueberries and blackberries

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cantine-birgi-liburna-rosato-1 Liburna Line

Nerello Mascalese Rosato

Delicate, fresh with hints of small red berries

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cantine-birgi-liburna-insolia-1 Liburna Line


Good aromatic bouquet with fruity and floral hints

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cantine-birgi-liburna-chardonnay Liburna Line


Harmonious, with a pleasant acidity of excellent persistence

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cantine-birgi-liburna-pinot-grigio-lucido Liburna Line

Pinot Grigio Lucido

Straw yellow with greenish hues, elegant, reminiscent of white apple

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cantine-birgi-liburna-grillo-1 Liburna Line


Refined and with a large bouquet, reminiscent of white peach

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Cantine BirgiOur wine lines

cantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-unico Liburna Line cantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-spumanti Liburna Line cantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-aitho Liburna Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-kinisia Liburna Line cantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-vivace Liburna Line cantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-trisole Liburna Line cantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-liburna Liburna Line cantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-kalura Liburna Line cantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-tria Liburna Line cantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-trinacria Liburna Line

Great is the luck of one who has a good bottle,
a good book, a good friend Moliere