Spumanti Line

Cantine BirgiSpumanti

The Spumante of the Birgi Winery will return you to the idyllic Nature Reserve of the neighbouring “Stagnone Isles of Marsala”, where the colours of the sky and the stunning varied gradations of the fantastic sunsets will surprise you as much as our wines will.

cantine-birgi-spumante-pinot-1 Spumanti Line

Pinot Chardonnay

Harmonious, persistent and balanced taste

cantine-birgi-spumante-rose-1 Spumanti Line

Rosé Couvé Brut

It goes well as an aperitif and / or with fish dishes and pasta dishes

Cantine BirgiOur wine lines

cantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-unico Spumanti Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-spumanti Spumanti Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-passole Spumanti Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-kinisia Spumanti Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-trisole Spumanti Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-tre-venti Spumanti Linecantine-birgi-i-vini-linee-400x200-vivace Spumanti Line

Great is the luck of one who has a good bottle,
a good book, a good friend Moliere